What is SUP?

Woman Stand Up Paddle boarding at sunset

You may be wondering..
It simply is:

Stand Up Paddle boarding



We recently got a pair of inflatable paddle boards & didn’t realize how much fun we had been missing!  So much fun, that the next day we took #ourdogWallace out on our 2 person board & he loved it!  (no video that day, all hands needed – haha)


Man Falling off paddle board


Hope this short, but hilarious film brought a smile to your day!  We sure did splash/bellyflop/fall/flop off the boards a whole lot the first day, but we had sore belly’s from all the laughs!  Absolutely enjoy getting out on these boards every chance we can, would recommend it to anyone who was thinking of trying!!


Falling off SUP into Lake




Videographer, Sacramento, CA,



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