Roadtrip to Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

Come along with us on a spontaneous road-trip to Yosemite National Park.
You know, the kind you plan the night before..
(or maybe hours before sunrise, ha)


Tunnel View

We call Northern California home & only live a couple hours from this national treasure.  It has been a destination that we have wanted to go visit since we lived back in Canada (crazy to think we have lived in the states for almost 6 years!).

One Friday night, or was it early Saturday morning (haha), we decided to watch the sunrise over Yosemite.  Having it being a rare free Saturday, we packed up #BlackBettytheToyota & set our alarms for a quick nap, before hitting the road in the wee hours of night/morning!

The following is a little ‘home-video’ style film of our spontaneous road-trip to


Yosemite National Park currently CLOSED


You may notice that we are inside the park, cause as of today the park is closed due to the Ferguson fire, see below

map of ferguson fire


As of today, August 8th, 2018:

“…94,992 acres with 43% containment and 2,039 personnel that are currently engaged on the fire which include 202 engines, 18 water tenders, 14 helicopters, 39 crews, 5 masticators and 33 dozers. There have been 2 fatalities and 13 injuries to date. 10 structures have been destroyed. The Ferguson Fire is now the largest fire in the Sierra National Forest’s History. This fire is being managed as a full suppression fire.

The Ferguson Fire is now in its 27th day; the incident started July 13 on the Sierra National Forest…”

(from the National Parks Service)

I have never lived where the threat of fire is always there.  It is a natural part of the ecosystem here, and I have never knew and learnt so much about this topic in the last couple years!  I am thankful for all those professionals who are fighting the fires, protecting the people, dozing the trees, etc…

It truly amazes me how last summer it was pretty much a blue sky from May to November.  This year, majority of the days are filled with haze that gets blown about by the delta breeze.  I am not complaining, as I am not directly affected by any fires & count my lucky stars we are not!

So if you want, I have put the video below.
‘Why would you list it twice in one post?’, you may be wondering.  Well, now you know the statistics of the destruction of this particular fire that has closed down Yosemite less that a two weeks after we visited!  I encourage you to view the video again & really appreciate the gorge, as it will most definitely be different the next time you see it!



Stay safe & as Smokey the Bear says

Only YOU can prevent forest fires!


Keep the Sunny Side UP!
Videographer, Sacramento, CA,



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