Meet Betty

It all started with crawfish.

We had not had any crawfish yet, this season, and had decided to order some pickup from a local restaurant.  As we were driving, I was gushing on and on about how good it will be to have some crawfish – as usual I was starving and had one thing on my mind.  Aaron, on the other hand, was sitting in the passenger seat, on his phone, silent.

“I think this may be it,” he said.

“Give them a call” I said, as I was driving.  I didn’t think anything of it.  ‘It’ being a 2nd vehicle.  We had been looking for the last few months, knowing a 2nd would make more sense for our situation.  Aaron had been telling me ‘this may be it’ for a couple months, so I thought nothing of it.. As my mind was all crawfish & how good it was going to taste.

If you are like, what the heck is a crawfish?  I was there about 5 years ago, not knowing what a crawfish.  Having grown up in the Canadian Prairies, we called this little suckers Crayfish (or a close relative, as they look very similar) & I have never know anyone to eat them.  We moved to Texas 5 years ago & met some amazing friends that knew how to cook a crawfish (hey Greg, April & family!!) & taught us how to eat them, ha!

So, I pulled up to the restaurant, ran in to pick up the pick up (haha), & ran back to the vehicle to Aaron saying, “We are meeting the guy now, I’ll drive”

Well, we not only got crawfish that night, but also our new old 1982 Toyota Pickup,

Black Betty

Ya, a lot of people are going to think this is crazy.
Owning a vehicle that is older than me by 2 years, I will laugh and say its unique!

We happen to see this as an opportunity to take those skills our fathers have taught us about the up-keep of vehicles.  The simple pleasure it is in having the knowledge to fix things ourselves.  Who knew that I would need my grease-nipple-finding skills once again, ha!  Has been a riot changing the oil, belts & topping up the halogen fluid (haha).  I am not going to lie, what girl doesn’t like a guy that knows his way around under the hood!


Ahhh, ha!  On that note,
keep the sunny side up!

Videographer, Sacramento, CA,



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