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4 years ago, I found myself in Haiti. #HaitiPassionProject2014 January 2014 a team of creatives from all over North America, led by photographer Josh Newton, took a trip to Haiti. Our destination was Child Hope International to support, educate, help, document, listen, and love on the inspiring and amazing group of kids. I joined the […]

For all those who don’t know this about us, we are proud companions of an Old English Sheepdog, Wallace:   Hard to believe this little turd will be turning 5 in a couple weeks.  Juuuuusssst incase you did not already know, what kind of animal person would I be if I did not let you […]

Total Eclipse is not what we witnessed here in Sacramento.  But, none-the-less, still had a partial eclipse.Some never really noticed anything, some people in the Sacramento area thought it was going to be pitch black, some reported seeing zombies… I kid, I kid.. Most Popular Solar Eclipse, to date The following is a very small […]

Meet Gerald & Sandra, aka my parents. 37 years together. My parents have always been in love.  Thinking back on all my memories of childhood, all of the countless hours that a child watches their parents, they have always been as they are now: in love.  It may come in the form of how they […]

Highlighting LOVE Meet the two souls that created me, my parents Sandra & Gerald.     This is a short-and-sweet post & apologize that I am not sharing learning content or some type of lesson to be learned.. Wanted to shine a little love light on my parents, as tomorrow is their 37th Wedding Anniversary […]

‘have your powerball ticket?’ that seems to be the only thing everyone in the area/county/state/country/continent/world is asking these days…   have to admit, i am not a huge gambler.  once in a while will get a scratch ticket – when i am feeling lucky.  which is not that often.  not that i do not feel […]

hello blog.  feels like its been forever since i have been here…  well it kinda has, it today’s way of looking at it – more like how milenials, or is it mileniums..  not sure, ha!  7 months may as well be forever.. new year, same me.  so true!  & i love that about me.  i […]

i am finding it super hard to hold in this secret, which has to do with this small business. … my lips are sealed.  sorry! no hints, buuutttt stay tuned for more details to get leaked shared very, very soon!! …

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