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How To: File/Start a LLC in California Promise, this is a super easy, stress free process! If you know anything about our story, we have changed countries once and states 3 times in the last 5 years…  Blah, blah ….  The short of that long tale would be: I have done this process a few […]

    Monday, Monday. Which means that I would love to share another segment in my series, Marketing-Tips Monday The goal is to help you learn the importance of and the basic tools for: Understanding your market to be able to create and implement your marketing strategy so you can get (& keep) new customers/clients! I must be the first to […]

I am here to help rid you of the ‘Monday Blues’ – what better way than to dive into marketing, right?! I understand if there are some of you that just rolled your eyes, cause I am with you – I did as I was typing it, haha!  I still have this icky stigma that […]

Stoked to see you here, on this cheery Monday morning!  Lets get this week kicked off extra special, cause I have launched a new blog series:  Marketing-tips Monday The goal that I have for this reoccurring Monday blog post is to help you learn the importance of and the basic tools for: Understanding your market […]

What is LinkedIn? Simply put: LinkedIn can be compared to professional Facebook, except you upload professional information about yourself; like your career, studies, current job, your aspirations, etc… How LinkedIn Changed My Life Back in 2013, I started a life changing journey with LinkedIn.  First step in the journey was creating a profile. Once I […]

Contracts. For some reason this word gives me a slight case of the ‘ebbie-jeebies’ – just a little.  But have no fear, I view this type of contract as more of a communication tool. Independent Sub-Contractor Contracts Simply put, it is a document that highlights what is expected of the sub-contractor (in my case, I […]

I am constantly on the search for music. Being in the business of creating videos, music is kinda a vital role in anything and everything I produce.  It plays a HUGE role in creating my vision for whichever project(s) I am working on.  So, in having been in this industry for over 7 years, I […]

What is a Collaboration? Essentially it is a group of people collectively working together to create something.  Simple. What does a collaboration look like? This is where this topic can branch out to a million things!  It really does come down to you, what you do, what you want to accomplish with your collaboration, etc… […]

  Feel like your at the End of your Rapidly Fraying Rope of creative video ideas? Hang on, I’m here to help! Creating a concept, the ‘Idea’, for some is a very difficult undertaking. Yes, I can empathize with those of you so eager to get filming – so eager you just film everything, all the […]

  1 : Be Discovered! having a Promotional Video of yourself & your business on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing sites, increase your discoverability! on YouTube – which happens to be the 2nd largest search engine in the world – 1 billion unique users are visiting YouTube each month!  it reaches more 18-34 year olds than […]

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