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Old English Sheepdog puppy : Wallace #ourdogWallace  

Was blessed to be apart of spreading Easter love, candies & bikes to a group of over 500 families of District 6 in the City of Oakland, California.   This Annual Easter Egg Hunt took place in Arroyo Viejo Park, where Desley Brooks, Council Member of the City of Oakland, organized this festive event.  My […]

  Feel like your at the End of your Rapidly Fraying Rope of creative video ideas? Hang on, I’m here to help! Creating a concept, the ‘Idea’, for some is a very difficult undertaking. Yes, I can empathize with those of you so eager to get filming – so eager you just film everything, all the […]

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k, i will be the first to say, ‘gheesh, you only did one film in January’. ya.  i realize i dropped the ball, but am picking it back up.  i can give you the reasons why i failed to follow through.. but i  will save the drama & state that i was too busy living […]

honoured to hear that the Nice Box New York Times got the attention of Complex Magazine!   congrats Cedric!  looking forward to working with you in the future ;0)          

stoked to report that back in the beginning of February, some of my photos were published in the New York Post!  receiving the print edition has prompted me to get this up here.  you know, in case you do not get the New York Post delivered, ha! many thanks to Cedric for reaching out!  looking forward […]

have a shoe addiction?  love you some Louis Vuitton or Gucci or Prada or Air Jordans?  have a collection of amazing shoes & no place to store them?  well if that is a problem you face, i would like to introduce you to a made-in-Minnesota solution to your shoe storage problem: Nice Box!   had the privilege of […]

as last year, 2015, drew to a close Aaron & i seemed to have a lot of conversations reflecting on the year.  the type of conversations that run late into the night, when we should have been sleeping but could not stop talking.   it was a great year for us both, in so very […]

‘have your powerball ticket?’ that seems to be the only thing everyone in the area/county/state/country/continent/world is asking these days…   have to admit, i am not a huge gambler.  once in a while will get a scratch ticket – when i am feeling lucky.  which is not that often.  not that i do not feel […]

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