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For all those who don’t know this about us, we are proud companions of an Old English Sheepdog, Wallace:   Hard to believe this little turd will be turning 5 in a couple weeks.  Juuuuusssst incase you did not already know, what kind of animal person would I be if I did not let you […]

Valentines Day It is no surprise that Valentines Day is the next big holiday. I mean the retail stores had giant hearts up before New Year’s Day.  Everywhere you look there is heart shaped chocolate boxes and oversized stuffed animals holding hearts.. Unless maybe you have been a place where there is no major retail […]

Stoked to see you here, on this cheery Monday morning!  Lets get this week kicked off extra special, cause I have launched a new blog series:  Marketing-tips Monday The goal that I have for this reoccurring Monday blog post is to help you learn the importance of and the basic tools for: Understanding your market […]

Total Eclipse is not what we witnessed here in Sacramento.  But, none-the-less, still had a partial eclipse.Some never really noticed anything, some people in the Sacramento area thought it was going to be pitch black, some reported seeing zombies… I kid, I kid.. Most Popular Solar Eclipse, to date The following is a very small […]

Meet Gerald & Sandra, aka my parents. 37 years together. My parents have always been in love.  Thinking back on all my memories of childhood, all of the countless hours that a child watches their parents, they have always been as they are now: in love.  It may come in the form of how they […]

Highlighting LOVE Meet the two souls that created me, my parents Sandra & Gerald.     This is a short-and-sweet post & apologize that I am not sharing learning content or some type of lesson to be learned.. Wanted to shine a little love light on my parents, as tomorrow is their 37th Wedding Anniversary […]

Summer 2006, location: somewhere on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I remember the smell of cedar that steamed up from a fresh shovelful of fresh mulch I was loading up the wheel barrel.  It was so peaceful, looking around the naturally landscaped acreage.  You enter the property on a long, winding driveway that seemed so small […]

Promoting with Video Stoked that you have stumbled/clicked your way to this blog series! It means that you are looking to promote your business with video, perhaps looking for a unique way to do so. Being a small business owner myself, I completely can understand the importance of promotion.  Let me introduce you to promoting […]

What is LinkedIn? Simply put: LinkedIn can be compared to professional Facebook, except you upload professional information about yourself; like your career, studies, current job, your aspirations, etc… How LinkedIn Changed My Life Back in 2013, I started a life changing journey with LinkedIn.  First step in the journey was creating a profile. Once I […]

Basic Plant Maintenance Routine? YEP! I am stoked to be sharing a plant maintenance to take the guess work outta caring for your vivacious, herbaceous annuals!  Promise it is not complicated, consisting of all the information needed for you to master your greenspace!  With this information you can create your own custom routine including the […]

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